Mounter HMS-400P mounter with high pressure

Mounter HMS-400P mounter with high pressure

Mounter HMS-400P summary

Mounter HMS-400P

HMS-400P is mounter to mount thin wafer with wax on support substrate such like ceramics and crystal.

Before mounting, this machine start vacuuming and clean up bubbles, and then start to mount wafer on substrate by air pressure from upper cover airbag what is controlled by diaphragm metering pump.

Mounter HMS-400P specification

Mounter HMS-400P
Mounter HMS-400P specification
Model No. HMS-400P
Support substrate size Ø249mmxt15mm
Plate temperature setting normal - 200℃
Object wafer size -
Mounting/demounting 1shaft Vacuum clamping
Pressure type Air pressure (Airbag by diaphragm metering pump)
Vacuum Vacuum pump (outside)
Cooler Water cooler (indirect)
Operation panel -
Operation type Sequence control and Block to control temperature
Dimension W600xD1000xH1750mm
Machine weight 700kg
Notes -

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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