Polishing machine HIT-18POAb-H2, High pressure correspondence,rust proof

Polishing machine HIT-18POAb-H2

HIT-18POAb-H2 summary

Polishing machine HIT-18POAb-H2

HIT-18POAb-H2 is single side polishing machine with and high pressre correspondence mechanism.

By using airbag pressure mechanism, HIT-18POAb-H2 supply stable pressure and lapping.
This is rust proof mechanism so you can use silica and many chemical powders.

HIT-18POAb-H2 specification

Polishing machine HIT-18POAb-H2
HIT-18POAb-H2 specification
Model No. HIT-18POAb-H2
Plate size Ø450mm
Plate rotation speed 10-60rpm
shaft for process 2shaft Vacuum clamping
Press type Airbag pressure mechanism
Maximum Pressure 10kg-100kg /1shaft
Process head rotation speed 0-100rpm
Force drive shaft shaft force driven
Object size MAXØ170mm
Wafer installation type Vacuum clamping
Planetary motion stroke +/-35mm range 70mm
Planetary motion speed 1-30mm/sec
Operation panel Hardware relay switch and LCD touch panel
Control type Sequence control
Dimension W1200xD900xH2190mm
Machine weight 1800kg
Notes rust proof mechanism

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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