Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5, water cooled chiller

Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5,water cooled chiller

Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5 summary

HIT-1W-H3-5 is water cooled chiller to control plates temperature.
We can supplay various type of chiller.

Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5 specification

Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5
Chiller HIT-1W-H3-5 specification
Model No. HIT-1W-H3-5
Cooling capacity 1700/1900Kcal/h at 20℃
discharging connector 4 pass
Water condition 10℃-25℃(Variable)
Environmental condition 5℃-40℃
Water use 18L/min at 30℃
Temperature control type PID propotional controller by heater
Temperature acuuracy +/-0.5℃
Water Capacity 53L
Dimension H961xH611x D506mm
Machine weight 100kg
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