Lap machine HIT-18FODC, Facing and planetary motion mechanism

Lap machine HIT-18FODC

HIT-18FODC summary

Lap machine HIT-18FODC

HIT-18FODC machine is single side lapping machine and has facing mechanism and planetary motion mechanism so that you can easily maintain machine.
Comparing with HIT-15FODC, this machine is superior than strength of planetary motion mechanism. So this can bear heavy weight.
About to control panel, it's so simple that you can oprerate easily. We can supply multi groove cuting, additional pressure system as additional order.

HIT-18FODC Specification

Lap machine HIT-18FODC
HIT-18FODC Specification
Plate size Ø450mm with water cooler
Plate rotation speed 0-200rpm
shaft for process 2shaft
Press type dead weight
Maximum Pressure According to weight
Rotation for precessing head Motor rotation for force drive
Force drive shaft 2shaft, Available to attach under 150kg pressure
Object size Ø140mm
Planetary motion stroke +/-35mm
Planetary motion speed 1-10spm
Operation panel Hardware switch
Control type Relay timer
Dimension W1200xD1950xH1850mm
Machine weight 1500kg
Notes Facing Accuracy 1um/180mm

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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